Native Wtercraft 12??

I am considering a Pungo !2 or a Native 12 for general rec paddling with some time on Lake Michigan’s west shore. Any thoughts will help.

I’m also considering both
I’m also considering a pungo 120 or NW Ultimate 12 for fishing. I was concerned about the ultimates hull shape and how that would affect it’s speed. I’m planning on demo’ing both soon. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I test paddled the Native 12 footer
and my impression was it was stable…but slow with little glide. The chair seat was comfortable, but I much prefer my Surf to Summit seat. I ended up with the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13…love it for it’s stability, very good deck layout, comfortable, good glide, and fast as any in it’s class. I have not paddled the Tarpon, but it’s a highly rated kayak. Happy paddling.

Ultimate 12
It’s not a speed demon, but a great fishing yak. I wouldn’t wander too far into Lake Michigan in it though, you’d be better off with a 13+ foot sit on top.