Natural island on broad river

Does anyone know of a island on the Broad River that I can kick back all Natural and relax?

Oh that! I looked at the title and came here thinking you had a question about river geology!!

There are many Broad Rivers. Which state?

@string said:
There are many Broad Rivers. Which state?

South Carolina

I’ll tell a paddler or two who live near Columbia to look at this. Maybe they will know. has a lot of info on the Broad and it’s 9 ! dams.

Paddled the Broad many times. Mostly the final 30 miles above Columbia. Nearly all the islands are public and heavily wooded but seldom have anyone around and would suit your purposes very well. The run below Peak to Harbison State Forest is beautiful and remote.

Bare skin on a forested island in South Carolina…in the summer? Skeeters won’t mind at all.

Yep! Ticks and fleas and ants and all sorts of bugs would enjoy as well. I would personally only partake in this activity on mild winter or fall days and only on nice sandy or smooth rock (plentiful along the Broad) surfaces. Been there, done that!

Be aware poison ivy grows everywhere in the woods in SC. I have done the Broad River from near the Hwy 121 bridge to near the hwy 34 bridge, There are only 2 major islands both are large, and the first one is privately owned. Not much in the way of sandy beaches, but there are a few small ones here and there depending on water level. Mostly muddy steep banks. This section runs through Sumter National Forest. I have also paddled the section from Peak to Harbison State Forest. Several smaller islands along the lower part of this section.

You guys are just trying to keep people off your private piece of hell . I’ve also paddled a section and it was beautiful except for the dam portage. Didn’t pay attention to the islands though.

Thank you all for your comments.