nautical charts

I am looking for nautical charts for the Portsmouth and Newcastle New Hampshire area. What are the easiest & best sources for these?

West Marine or
do you have a good local bookstore? We have an independently owned one in this area that is actually the best source for nautcal charts, books etc. It appears that they have a solid customer base in people who sail. You may want to phone the bookstores near you and see what they have.

Waterproof Charts
You can get charts from many places, West Marine, REI, your local book store, your local kayak shop or boat yard. Get the charts made with the waterproof paper. They are virtually indestructable.

The Map Shack in Wakefield…
… has pretty much everything.

West Marine
I was looking for that chart last year. West Marine in Woburn didn’t have it but one in the Portsmouth area did.

Never thought to check the MapShack.

Maptech is a web site with a lot of free maps and charts. Can’t get the bookmark to work but use maptech in your search engine. Also I believe you can download to pda and buy charts etc…

nautical charts - thanks for the info
Thanks again for the info. Very much appreciated. I’ll check it out.

Bluewater Books & Charts - Fort Laud and Mid Atlantic location

American Nautical - Miami

Baker Lyman - Nola la

Marine Presse - Vancouver

These are ones I deal with at a commercial shipping level.

Bluewater definately has a mail order business so if you don’t have anyone else nearby go to them over the phone or internet.