Navajo Lake - CO/NM

Has anyone ever paddled on Navajo Lake? It’s a large reservoir on the Colorado-New Mexico state line. The res. is open to water skiing and other powersports, but it looks like there are several side canyons where a paddler could find some peace and quiet. There is also reportedly both warm and cold water fishing. Any input on this destination would be appreciated.

Check Colorado State Parks website
They have links to each state park, with info on camping, fishing, boating, hiking, weather, etc.

While you’re down that way, it’d be worth paddling at McPhee Reservoir also. I haven’t paddled at Navajo but I have at McPhee a few times. Though motorboats are allowed there, it’s a big, uncrowded reservoir. Water is cold so that may deter the jet ski crowd. Most of the powerboats seemed to belong to fishermen.

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I have links to Navajo State Park, CO, NM State Parks, and also to stories by Phil Rowe about his paddling on Navajo Lake, but no personal experience yet …