Navarro Canoe maintenance

Canoe Maintenance Questions. I just purchased a Used Navarro Canoe. the Loon 16. I know you can/ should use teak oil on the gunwhales, but what about the interior of the canoe on the sides and floor? Is that just a good wash? are they covered with a light coat of fiberglass, or do I treat them as well? Finally, I use 303 on all my royalex boats. Will that also work well for the fiberglass?

303 is always a good idea.
I have owned one Navarro I got for a saddle I traded. Varnish with UV resistance works for newer boats. The older ones sometimes have some small hairline cracks. For those I would use some thin marine epoxy in a syringe and fill them sand and varnish.

Thank you so much! I will inspect for cracks. I am lucky, the previous owners really took care of the canoe.