I have a 23 year old Navarro Canoe Company Otter 16 (bought it new). I am looking for the center seat yoke. I am unable to contact Navarro via web site email or calls. Can anyone help me locate contact info for the company or the seat yoke to match my canoe?

What happened to Eric Nyre’s response
to the effect that Navarro has been near out-of-business for a while, and linking you to Eds Canoe combination center seat and portage yoke?

Isn’t Navarro…
…somewhere in the lineage of the Merrimack canoe company. Similar designs and material? Might want to contact them and see if they can sell you a match. If the other seats have the boot-lace webbing, it would be worth it to match that. Great seats, BTW. I liked the seats in my Navarro better than those in my Nova Craft.

Merrimack doesn’t have it
I tried Merrimack already, they don’t have a center seat. I’m still searching. The canoe is a classic beauty and I am trying to match the other snowshoe webbed seats.

Make your own then?
Someone posted here quite a while back that they had found a source for the same lacing material online. I wish I could remember what it was. Seat frames aren’t hard to make, but if you don’t have the tools or the skills, maybe you can buy a center seat with (or without) webbing, and replace the webbing with the boot lacing by copying the pattern on your other seats. Would Merrimack sell you replacement lacing?