Navarro Pursuit Gorgeous Handcrafted 16-foot Burgundy Fiberglass Canoe

Hi! I apologize if I’m putting this in the wrong place, but I saw someone suggest that if you have a canoe to buy/sell, this is a fine place to mention it. I live in Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. Enjoy and read on, and let me know if you’re interested!

(Image from Navarro website)

(Image from Navarro website)
(canoe I’m offering)
(canoe I’m offering)

What a way to get away! We are offering for sale a canoe (with paddles) perfect for those who love both natural and man-made beauty.

Navarro Canoe Co. handcrafts canoes that offer the finest in beauty and performance. This made-to-order canoe is burgundy and crafted with a fiberglass hull. Hardwoods are used for the ribs and outer structures to add rigidity and distinctiveness. This edition is 16 feet in length, 35 inches wide, weighs 63 pounds, and has an 800-pound capacity. It is a functional work of art that can be passed on through generations.

The canoe is labeled as the Egret. It’s identical to the model currently sold as the Pursuit. The name of the model was simply changed some years ago.

It’s in fantastic condition. The original owner used it lovingly and lightly, keeping it in pristine condition. Since it came to us, we have kept it suspended in our garage, out of harmful direct sunlight or any extreme weather conditions.

We invite you to do your research to see what a treat this canoe will be, and also to come take a look.

It sells new for $2650. We are asking $1200 and will entertain reasonable offers.

The price includes the canoe and paddles, along with the suspension system installed in our garage, which you’re welcome to take with you, as well as mounting blocks to help attach it to the roof of your vehicle.

If you’re interested, please respond to this post or contact me at 571.214.7398.

classifieds is the proper forum. Nice looking canoe.

Thanks. I just posted it in classifieds.

good luck with the sale.