Navigation Charts

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My wife was wonderful to buy me a kayak for my birthday and it recently came in. Unfortunately I am working the entire month of May and won’t be able to use it until June. It is thus that I am planning my days on the Maryland Water ways. If anyone from the Chesapeake Bay region can advise where one can purchase navigation charts of the bay (locally if possible), I would be most appreciative.


NOAA Charts
are available at most marine supply stores and you will usually find the local charts at your local store. Do a google search on NOAA chart and you will be able to download the charts.

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Maps as well
I think you willl find that kayaks require so little water that often a map is more useful than a chart. County maps and atlases will show all the shoreline access points, boat ramps and parks accessible from the water, which will not be on charts.

If there is a DeLorme Atals available for your state, it is well worth the investment. In FL, many counties print free boating “charts” which provide basic nav info and boat ramp locations. And your state Department of Transporation can provide detailed county maps which show all the minor roads and waterways.

National Geographic software
For 100 bucks you can get NG Mid Atlantic USA software. This set includes all of the states surrounding the Chesapeake, and allows you to print custom maps at custom scales. You can plot out routes, upload GPS data, make annotations etc to your hearts content. And NG Adventure paper makes the maps you print waterproof. Try REI for both software and paper.