Can anyone recommend a good book on navigation for land and water for beginners? Thanks.

simple kayak navigation
I liked “Simple Kayak Navigation” by Ray Killan for on water. Got mine at a local bookstore, but it is available on Amazon. Don’t have a recommendation for on land.

The Standard
Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation by David Burch, is the Kayakers Standard that everyone should read. IMHO.

This one is popular with UK paddlers
I’ll second the vote for Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation by David Burch, and also suggest Kayak Navigation by Franco Ferrero:

It’s fairly concise and has excellent info.

Frank Ferrero’s book would be the cliff notes version of David Burch’s book. Both excellent resources, for kayak navigation.

USCG Auxillary Course
I took sailing and seamanship, and then navigation. Two fun courses I highly recommend.

America’s Boating Course
Don’t leave home without it!

Second vote for

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"Simple Kayak Navigation" by Ray Killan. Mr. Killan’s book is a very easy read. It is concise, packed with excellent examples, and laced with humor. I will argue that it is the new standard for a sea kayak navigation self-study guide. It may be because Mr. Killan has been teaching coastal navigation to sea kayaker for years and he knows what works and what doesn’t in getting the point across.
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I originally purchased “Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation” by David Burch.
Why? Because I was told by several instructors that it is the ‘standard’. Well, Mr Burch’s book makes for a decent desktop reference guide on kayak navigation (i.e. you want to know more about a particular navigation topic). However, if you want to learn sea kayak navigation this book is not well organized (see Bohemia’s comments below) and is a very difficult read (i.e. high snooze factor). If fact if you would like a copy. I will sell you mine ;-)

I nominate David Burch’s book
"book most in need of an editor". Truly aweful, how not to write a book. Repays the reader’s good will with more and more detail poorly organized. Kudos only for comprehensiveness and being first.

Ferrero says the same thing in about 1/10 the space (nice photocopyable tables too).

Lee Moyers book for practical tips and all-round readability

For a treat, John Dowd’s pleasant DVD