navigator rudder system

so this is the rudder system which is designed specifically for my KS Viv, as in the pin fits. it’s proprietary sizing so no other pins will fit my boat, which is a crying shame.

my initial impressions are iffy about this rudder, and the one i’ve seen in use, was awful. it didn’t fully retract, nor was it ever fully straight up and down. i’m told they have fixed these problems but i’m skeptical. if anyone out there has first hand experience with the performance of this rudder i’d love to hear it.

ONNO rudder
I have an Artisan Millenium, and wanted to install a rudder when I felt like sailing. I typically paddle without a rudder, but the ONNO rudder works great. I had to do an end pour first and then drilled through the stern. I can install it in minutes and remove in slightly less time.

some photo’s here…


I’ve got them…
…on both my Rapier 18 and 20.

I adjusted the bungees on the hinge and the one that goes up to the top of the rudder. Then I tried to make sure the blades are not bent as to hang up while slipping down into position. A little cleaning or wax/silicone on the blade doesn’t hurt. They maybe seem to work a little better with a quick drop or a pull and then drop to send them on their way with a little bungee help.

I have gotten used to them, and they seem to work fine for my application. In fact, I have gotten into the habit of running them about half-way down at approximately a 45 degree angle, and they usually just get left there except for storage. That position provides just enough rudder to plant the stern and assist in steering and slight course corrections, and yet does not create such a drag as to feel it much.

I like having the option of dropping it all the way in case things really get nasty and I need more rudder control.

My experiences with Navigator system

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The following is an excerpt form my p-net review of Enlightened Kayaks T-16:

"Though seldom needed, the Kajak-Sport Navigator rudder has performed well; however, the rudder housing appears “flimsy” looking in a space age plastic sort of way. The reliability of the Kajak-Sport pivoting rudder pedals proved to be quite another matter. These large, foot-shaped, gas-pedal type rudder pedals had a poor angle of throw, and were crudely constructed of plywood. At 2 months one of the connectors that hold the pedals to the rail bracket failed. Mike Steines, owner of Enlightened Kayaks and always a delight to deal with, immediately replaced the pedal.

Over the winter, I retro-fitted a set of Sea Dog pivoting rudder control foot braces. Unfortunately I ended up being a beta test site for the just introduced Sea Dogs system’s teething troubles, and without the above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty interventions of Chuck Leinweber of Duckworks Boat Builders with the manufacturer, I would probably still not have a rudder system I could trust. There was one final issue with the rudder system. To allow for rudder cable tension adjustment, a piece of nylon cord connects to the rudder pedal and engages with a plastic cleat that is connected to the rudder cable. The cleat did not provide a secure connection; wrapping duct tape around the cleat proved to be the solution to that problem."

Once the foot pedal situation got resolved, the Navigator rudder itself has worked well for me.