NC Barrier Islands

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            I want to take my Pungo(s) to the NC outer banks and paddle the sound side of the islands around Currituck Light…maybe down toward Duck and back up. No big water crossing unless it’s very calm. What say you ‘bout my Pungo’s doin’ such a trip? Anybody ever been there?

I have paddled quite a bit in the sounds. I don’t know squat about a Pungo, though. Wide boat with a big cockpit? No sprayskirt? No rudder?

I would guess calm is good. Windy and choppy is bad. It can get very windy and choppy. Remember the Wright Brothers? Currents can be pretty strong, especially near an inlet.

that pretty much sums it up…
NO skirt.

NO rudder.

There are no inlets to the ocean where I’m planning to go. Just marshy stuff and creeks protected by the island.

I hope to be able to do this without renting but I will if I have to.

I think a lot of those tour groups use…
…touring boats for sound side trips. I’ve been out there when the wind really gets going and it definitely gets choppy. And if you’re paddling a big slow boat into the wind, you’ll tire quickly.

If you are going to hug the shore, I’d say you’ll be OK. If you want to go farther out into the sound and around some of the islands, well, if it were me I would want a boat that was designed to handle rough water, with a spray skirt. We’re not talking Tsunami Rangers kind of rough, but it’s rough enough that I wouldn’t do it in a Pungo.

There are places down there where Pungos would be perfect, and in fact might be more fun to explore than the sound.

We paddled that exact area…
…a couple of years ago, and if you pay attention to the weather forcast, (especially in regards to the wind) you shouldn’t have any problem.

There are a lot of neat marsh inlets to explore

While you are there check out the river in Kitty Hawk Woods Reservation. there is a good put-in at Kitty Hawk, and then if you head north it will bring you out to the sound. Just watch out for the resident swans when you come out into the sound. They will attack you!



Book on Area
Pam Malec’s “Guide to Sea Kayaking in North Carolina” contains some pretty darn good info about paddling the area you’re talking about.

Stay Safe on the Water,


Duck is a good place to paddle…you should also check out Bear Island near Emerald Isle…Shackleford Banks is also a great place to paddle around the outerbanks