NC Coastal Paddle Trails Map 4

The Crystal Coastal Canoe and Kayak Club has just published Map Number 4. It covers 9 trails from the Harkers Island Bridge to the Cedear Island Ferry. Info on obtaining it, as well as Maps 1 - 3, is at:



Thank You!
Probably be doing that paddle in June or July.

june …
if you decide on june, and feel like a paddling partner, let me know … i could be easily talked into paddling the trip with you.

if you decide to stay awhile, i could show you some other terrific paddling spots hereabouts.


I answered you offline but I can type here also. I’d be honored. By all means let’s go play. My buddy and I have paddled quite a few trips in the Harker’s Island vicinity. It’d be great to explore some new places. I will definitely send you an email as we get our weekends firmed up. Many thanks.


General Offer?
If this is a general offer we might take you up also. We will be spending the summer in that area.

This Particular Trip…

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from Harker's Island to the Cedar Island Ferry is pretty long. 33-35 miles. My buddies and I do some bicycling endurance events so we decided to try one on the water. We did this route summer before last and it was one of the best trips I ever took.

When we get a date firmed up, we could post it. Sort of a 'show and go'.

The hot shot bicycling event around here is called "The Assault on Mt Mitchell". I thought an endurance event on the water could be called "The Assault on the Cedar Island Ferry" or "Tour day Core Sound".