NC Kayak

I’m looking at a sea kayak for some multi day touring (3-4 times a year) and regular weekly trip to the bay or a lake. It seems, sight unseen, that NC17 Overnighter and NC Escape are very good kayaks at reasonable prices. Why one would choose one over the other? How much do they differ in speed, maneuverability?

Thank you for any help.


IMHO, I would choose Impex
In My Humble Opinion, I would choose an Impex kayak.

They are designed, made and tested by Kayak people.

I own an Impex Assateague, and I can attest to the quality, and performance,and service.

I never saw NC kayak, but I guess the number of replies you get will let you know what other people think of them.

Best wishes in your quest! :slight_smile: