NC Kayaks

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Anybody have an NC? I'm in the air about an NC17 or a QCC 500.

how large are you?
I paddled an NC17 and it didn’t come across as a kayak for a larger person - which is what the QCC 500 appears to be targeted towards.

I’m 5’9" and between 195 - 200 lbs (depending on the season). I have MS, so I need something relatively stable because of my balance issues, and something kinda easy to get in and out of because of mobility issues.

one vote
for a Current Designs Sirocco

sounds like it fits the bill

Is that a plastic boat?
I have a plastic boat now (Necky Zoar sport). I’m looking to upgrade to composite.

N.C. 17
The N.C. line of kayaks require tilting the hull to turn unless a rudder is installed. The N.C. kayaks are stable and hard trackers with low wind effect. The QCC 500 will be more affected by wind and is a gear hauler. Call them both for advice.