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So these boats look very cool, and I’m very happy with my other small American built boat from qcc. Anybody paddle these boats? They are trying to give them away right now, and sometimes that scares me in terms of quality and design. I am a supporter of a plumb bow and a long waterline length. I think these boats have both. The 19 foot boat looks like it could be a rocket. I’m sure I’ll find a reason to buy a new boat eventually, and just maybe I’ll give one a try. Tell me what I don’t know about these boats.

Ryan L.

Yes …
I paddled the 17 foot model owned by a friend, I was not over impressed by some things, but I did like the way it handles, initial stability was good and it was easy to get on edge, tracking was good, did not miss the skeg… mind you this was on a fairly calm day on Lake Superior, maybe 15 knot winds… What I did NOT like about it was the high front deck peak, the hatch covers and the (IMO) cheap weather striping like material that the coming was edged with. It was pulling away in areas and just seemed cheap.

The overall finish jobs are really nice though and the construction overall seemed good. For reference I usually paddle a Nordkapp LV or an Anas Acuta, so compared to those all other boats seem big and a little underspirited. Just my thoughts. Hope this helps some. regards

I didn’t look at them, but a word…

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of caution.
If you are ever thinking of getting into racing, a ninteen foot kayak will in most races put you in a one step up class from the sea kayaking class.(think, 18 feet and under)

like you, I like a plumb bow boat. It cuts through waves and chop where as a long pointed bow goes up and over.

Jack L

I’d be suprised if that 19’ x 24” wide kayak is particularly fast. That’s a whole lot of hull, and I’d expect the resistance to be pretty high.

Question for those of you who have looked at one of these - is the hull and deck attached with a plastic H-shaped extrusion, with the hull glued into the bottom groove of the H, and the deck glued into the top? That’s sort of what it sounds like from the website description. Seems like another short-cut, and not nearly as long-lasting as a glassed hull-deck seam.

And is it just me or is the NC 15 basically a chopped down NC17? Looks like they might have taken the back 18" off the longer mold, leaving that stumpy stern.

It is U channel…
But it seemed solid like some of the Current Design boats I have seen in the past. Again my sample is one… so others may have a different opinion

i like that you assume
I will be in races that require classes. I don’t think my wife will let me dedicate that much time. It is bad enough I want to do every race over fifty miles. Of the 1000 miles I would like to paddle every year, 0 of them will be on the ocean. So a rockered boat is really a waste. Straight and fast is really all I require. But I am also on the tall and bulky side. So a boat that is a tad wider and taller is nice.

Ryan L.

not an H
It’s been a few years since i looked at one, but the seam is quite distinctive. It has a large flange that sticks out from the hull by a good 1/2 inch. Over this flange there is the aforementioned black rubber weather stripping type thing. Apparently the flange is supposed to offer some bumper type qualities and gives a large surface area for the seam to be glassed.

I think the point of the boat is that the bow and stern are tapered more than other boats to cut down on drag. The width is for initial stability. I’m sort of skeptical like you but just maybe they are right. The only way to know is paddle it with a gps.

Ryan L.

ah, I see
So hull and deck are each molded with an outward turning flange, which is covered by the rub strip. At least in sailboats, this method is considered more prone to damage than overlapping, or inward facing flanges. If you’re not the type to run into stuff with your kayak, then maybe it doesn’t matter.

Is that 1/2" flange a knuckle buster when you’re paddling?

If that 1/2" flange extends on both sides, I wonder if they include that in the beam they report. That would make the hull of the NC17 22" wide instead of 23".