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I am interested in purchasing a kayak from NC Kayaks in Tacoma. I am in San Jose, Ca so I am unable to see or test paddle the boat. Their policy is not like QCC where you have a 30 day trial, so once you buy it , you bought it.

Can anyone in the community give me their opinion of their NC Kayak, I am interested in one of the 15’ boats. Anyone in the Bay Area let me come look at their boat to check out.

Appreciate any feedback



Are you sure
Are you sure you want the 15’-8" model? That’s not to say there is anything wrong with one of those models, but depending on a few factors–like your size and what your expectations are …

Hi Scott, I am an owner of an NC Expedition, which I have had for nearly six years. I do not live in the Bay area, so unless you want to come north to Washington, you aren’t going to see my boat.

I wonder if you are aware that NC is having a Labor Day sale on in-stock boats. They are taking $1000 off all in-stock boats. That means that if you get on the stick and get lucky, you can get a 17’-2" model for under $2000. They are only showing four 17’ models and three 15 footers in-stock boats on their website.

So, if you want my opinion of the boats; you only want to get one if you want a fast, light, stable, super tracking kayak that excels in really rough water.

Keep in mind that if you haven’t seen an NC in person, the pictures do not begin to do justice. These boats are spectacularly striking in looks and performance.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

Here’s the thing. I have seen these boats in use in my town (near Tacoma, WA). I may even be related to the owner of NC kayaks. Not really sure though, haven’t looked into it much.

But my gripe with these boats is that from what I have seen, they only have one access hatch in the rear, and who knows how many bulkheads? My question to you is this; what is drawing you to the NC kayaks? Because that is what deters me from them.

When buying a sea kayak (especially composite) you should be getting at least two bulkheads, if not three. In fact I don’t think you can be called a sea kayak without them anymore.


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My 19 has 3 bulkheads every nc has at least 2 bulkheads i beleive.

And mine three hatches

They have 1, 2 and 3 hatch models depending. The day trippers have only 1 since they are not meant for overnight trips. They can make it with as few or as many hatches as you wish.

You really should check out their website or talk to them to get a true picture of what they are like

Go look

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Since you live near Tacoma, why not drop in and see for yourself how Novus Composites builds their boats. Or you can check them out on the Internet, but I would highly recommend a visit to their shop.

As for a sea kayak requiring three hatches and three bulkheads, I've never seen that rule. Mine have both, but there are many sea kayaks that have less.

I agree with magooch
To the guy questioning why NC - go check them out If you go by the shop you can see them in various stages of construction. Something you can’t do with most other brands.

To the OP They are great boats and a great company however I would recommend the 17 over the 15.

I have only seen the single hatch model so far and I assumed that that was the only model (because I have seen it pretty frequently). I may have to go down there and check it out, and possibly meet a cousin.

bad luck
I had bad luck with a new NC that I bought and sold a number of years ago. The seam, also known as the ‘performance flange’, leaked badly. The bulkheads also leaked badly. When I removed the covering of the flange, I could see into the hull. Also, the bulkheads were not even fully sealed to the hull and water could easily run in and out.

NC reviews
If you do a search you can find reviews of NC kayaks on

You might contact the Bay Area Sea Kayakers club to see if they know someone who owns one.

I’m really surprised that you had such bad luck with your NC. Did you reach out to them about the problems and did they make any effort to make it right?

Bay Area Sea Kayakers ( - larger of the two clubs, but primarily SF/North Bay

Western Sea Kayakers ( - a bit smaller, and less exclusive (in a gear snotty way) as BASK can sometimes be, but based around San Jose/Santa Cruz.

They were very nice and sent me some goop and an applicator to fill in the gaps in the seam and the bulkheads, I only did a fair job, but got most of the leaks. But I eventually sold it anyway because I preferred my other boats.

NC Kayaks
I have one that has been paddled nearly 1,000 miles over the years. They have a light layup and so far that has not been a problem. They slam down through a wave, and mine leaks and I can not find the source. Comfortable, but mine has NO hatches. I will never again own a boat with no hatches. Easy to carry for it’s size.