NC Outer Banks

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We are planning to go 1 week paddling/camping around the Outer banks area in August. We never been to the place nor have any knowledge of it yet.

We need all of your wise advice about venues, do's and dont's about that area. Also if you seasoned NC paddlers have some online resources , do pass us some.



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You ever see the Hitchcock film "The Birds"? On the water they aren't a problem. Step on land and it can be bad.

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i live close to the ‘banks’ and would be happy to show you some excellent paddle spots. camping in summer? bring lots of bug repellant, as the banks far exceed their reputation for mosquitoes.

If you will be near Kitty Hawk…
…a good day trip is in Kitty Hawk Woods Reservation. There is aan excllent put in and parking area. It is a small fresh water river, and if you head north you can paddle out to the sound and then return.

There is also good esturarie paddling up beyound Corrolla Light.

If you get a day with high winds and don’t want to paddle in open water, head a hour inland to the Alligator River Wilderness Area, and put in at Buffallo City, (it is a dead end dirt road).

You are almost guaranted to see a black bear there.

Like the others have said: don’t forget your deet!

Cheers, and have a great trip.


I’m going kayaking/camping there too
In a few weeks and I also have never been on an over night trip on the banks (actually, we’re going to be on the NC/SC border. Trying to plan out the trip; does anyone know what the average distance a kayaker of intermedate skill could cover in an hour?

i hope this will help
as i was doing my own trip logistic, i came across this valuable info. Hope it will help your trip as well…

About 2.5 to 3.0 mph
I was in that area a month or so back. We paddled in the Intracoastal Waterway for the most part. The tide WILL push and pull you, especially near the inlets, affecting your speed.

Thanks for the info!