NC piedmont paddlers?

I’m just tossing a line out there,but I am wondering if there is anyone in the piedmont area that would like to kayak/camp/fish local rivers(within 60 miles?) around WInston-Salem/Greensboro. I find it difficult to find others to do this due to controlling spouses…honestly?! My friend(single) and myself (in a LTR) find ourselves venturing out as a duo on such trips. I was thinking it would be nice to add a few more to the head-count for these trips. We both have SOT kayaks,not so much into whitewater as we both have 12’ yaks. Steve(my friend) and myself are in our early 40’s and late 30’s(i’m not 40 yet!!!) We both love our craft beer,fishing,canoe/kayak in camping,and yes,420 friendly. We are not “extreme” kayakers,but not afraid to tackle new adventures. I hate to make it sound like a “personal” ad,but from previous trips, spending a w/e with opposite personalities and bitchy spouses can make for a long camping w/e,if you catch my drift. Maybe there are some other river trips unknown to us that some of you out there can enlighten us with. Hope to hear from ya’ll!

NC piedmont paddlers?
Hey Kevin,

Your post was pretty funny. I live in Charlotte but have a couple of friends that I paddle with during the spring through fall. We hit up the Dan river pretty often and camp at hanging rock in near winston. I am always up for a day or possible weekend trip. For the record I do have a spouse but she is pretty easy going, sometimes she even paddles with me. I have rec boats as well as seakayaks so pretty much up for anything. My buddies will also paddle sometimes too, if it is above 70 degrees and not below 60 degrees, if they have no chores to do, if they have gas in their car or if they ________insert lame excuse for not paddling here. Anyways, normally I try to get out when it is warmer, if you want to plan something hit me up or send me a message. Jason

Me too
I am also interisted in light touring and overnight trips. Have a SOT and a C2. I have done a lot of varied water trips and would like to start camping.

You might give Bill Bremer a call
Bill Bremer lives in Benson, NC, is a British Canoe Union coach, and makes Lumpy Paddles:

A few years back when I was visiting friends in the Winston-Salem area and did not have a boat with me, I called Bill and asked if I could drive over to his place to check out his paddles. Bill said “Sure, but you won’t learn much about my paddles by just looking at them.”

Bill very graciously arranged for a friend to loan me a kayak, met me at a lake over in the Raleigh/Durham area, and brought several of his paddles to try out. We paddled with a group of a dozen or so kayakers, and I gathered this was a regular event for them.

Lots of 'em on
There’s a huge kayak-fishing community on Also swing by Get:Outdoors in Greensboro and ask about some kayak fishing events. I think they sponsor a tournament in April.

Raleigh Area
I am also looking for folks to paddle with. I have a canoe…few friends have Kayaks, but we mostly paddle tandem canoes. If you plan to take a trip and want some company, let me know. We are very easy going and like to explore new places.

I would be very interested in getting w/ others to kayak. I’m 56, and have even kayaked in Antarctica, so I’m not a novice, yet not the most skilled type. I’m a retired computer animation teacher from high school who decided to leave when I could and now I work part time w/ my wife’s company, giving me freedom to travel about. I’m not “controlled” by spouse fyi. Anyway, if interested in continuing a dialogue regarding kayaking, please scribble an email to:, or

Thanks, and hope your weekend is good.