NC/SC tidal area fishing...?

Hello all! Having good success down here in Myrtle Beach this week doing some offshore fishing. Caught about 8 or 9 spiny dogfish sharks yesterday…one required me to paddle in and land em’ on the beach before releasing him. Fun stuff.

My dad and I were thinking about fishing in the intercoastal waterway or some of the inlets down here…but I’m a bit clueless on what to rig and what to expect to catch. I’m guessing a Carolina rig maybe for flounder?? Any suggestions or observations about this type of fishing (techniques, bait, what we can expect to catch…?)…

Thanks! I’ll post up a few pictures in a couple days of the fishing!



You’re Doing Something
right already…catching fish. We’re 60 miles north of MB and the cooler waters usually means hang it up 'till spring.

I would visit a bait shop that hasn’t closed for the season and ask what the locals are using.

Head South, as the Reds are
schooling now through Spring… Which means you find the school, you catch them until you are tired…

Seatrout available still, but Floudner mostly gone for the winter.

Always hav Whiting to target too.


NC/SC coastal fishing
I fish arounfd the coast some in my kayak, but i am just getting started. Go to and you will get the help you need. I have a friend I’ve fished with a couple of times. He goes to school at Greenville right now, but is from the Wilmingting NC area. He and may other will help you. According to him and others, they have caught fish all year round. SC should be a little better because of being further south.

Must be
the Druminator? Met him once at Fort Fisher but didn’t get a chance to fish with him.

fishing SC
Fish the jetties in Charleston Harbor butt be prepared to get pulled around by what you catch or the tides. Have fun and take VHF with you also.

Squid,shrimp, or catch the local bait shops on Isle of Palms.

Kale you are right
The Druminator is one of my friends on whom I have fished with. He is really good and will offer very good advice when he has the time. I think he is having to tighten up a bit to get his masters degree from ECU, but will answer anyone when he can. ncpierman is another good one, as well as many others. They have all been wonderful to help with a lot of my problems. There is a couple of places for Kayaks and canoes, but most of the info is from one of the other places on ncwaterman. It mainly has to do coastal fishing.

Thanks, Rouse
I know there is a sponsored fishing guy at Cape Fear Kayaks where I bought my cheap little Heritage. It’s fun to fish out of when the waters are warm.

My idea of fishing this time of year is to take a 20 into a seafood store and walk out with some grouper and shrimp instead of spending 8 hrs to catch a bluefish.

The folks at Great Outdoor Provision are selling more of the Hurricane boats and I love the Phoenix 14

Down here in Kure Beach…keep in touch.

The Basin is still fun to paddle but the fish aren’t biting.

More than welcome
Good to hear from another North Carolinian. The Heritage is a nice boat. I have a poly WS ride 135 that I like very well. Actually, I prefer it over the Huricane thermoforms because it would hurt me to hear thos oysters scraping my hull. It is bad enough with the poly. I havew really done poorly the last 3 times I’ve been, but I stuck it out in the creek I’m trying to laern. I plan to try other places next year, but the creek I like is great in the spring, summer and fall. I have fished with Druminator on a couple of occasions there.