NDK backbands...

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Ok-I searched the archives on this one and actually found this exact subject.

These things are ridiculous. If it isn't pinching my butt from hip to hip, it is dissappearing behind the seat. Either way it is a pain to fix with the skirt on.

I have gone to Rutabega and Bomber Gear. Nothing there.

Any other suggestions?

happy paddlin and thanks in advance

So get another backband
put it in, and go paddle.

lol-guess I should clarify
Where can I get one. Local paddle shops don’t have just a backband. Neither does NRS, Rutabega, and bomber gear. Any other suggestions on where to look?

the internet ?
you can’t tell me you’ve shopped the net and can’t find a backband?



I saw the one on bomber gear-that was the only one- and have never heard of it. Did not know snapdragon carried them.

I have never needed to replace a backband or do any repairs, so just checking for the smartest way to do things.


IR and NSI
Bands I like:

Immersion Research:


I have a Reggie 2.0 - installed slightly differently than they show - the band allows many options. It’s been great.

NSI (Scroll down to “standard models” at the bottom):


The mini whitewater is same size as the Reggie above. Regular whitewater size should be OK too. With the low rear deck on the NDK, skip the taller touring ones. Skip the ones with the lumbar adjustment thing to - it’s not needed - with the smaller ones the whole thing is basically a lumbar support.

Concur with Greyak,

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NSI has two types of set-ups for there backbands,, one with 4 posts,, a pain to install and if you ask them they can make a batch of ten of the older models with two posts and loops for the bungies and send you one,, a much better set-up in that the posts screw in the existing holes on the seat and the bungies can attach in many places.


Your local paddling sop or

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outdoorplay.com. YOu can ask outdoorplay.com to order a salt water version from nsi or ir. The will do it at no extra charge, (but there will be a wait). I do not recommend a bomber gear backpand with those cam buckles for salt water. The worst.

I use a 4 inch sheet of plastic
in the Nordkapp. I padded it with foam and covered it with neoprene. Pretty comfy. BTW did you check out this group


And Nigel Dennis is instructing at the BCU symposium in Bodega Bay this month.

Hey Chuck,
Yes I have signed up to become a member. They sent me an email asking for some personal info to make sure I wasn’t a spammer and scammer.

I responded and am waiting on them now. Thanks for that

Dick and I were talking about heading down to Bodega for the day. Aren’t the dates Oct 23 & 24th.

If so, maybe we will see ya there

happy paddlin


I think Cuda is coming. June will come down Friday night.

I put the “four poster” whitewater in my Bou and had to drill two holes in the very back of the seat pan…

But it is rock solid, doesn’t slide down when entering the boat… GH

An alternative . .
Consider rolling up a Ridgerest 3/4 length sleeping pad or equivalent and placing same behind the seat. It does a great job of protecting your back during laybacks and sidebends and does no less to support the back than any backband.

This way you’ll always have an insulation pad in case you have a medical / hypothermic incident. And of course you can use it when you bivy or during the winter when you just don’t want to sit on a cold rock during lunch.


IR Reggie
On my Explorer, I retrofitted the IR backband and was very pleased with it. The NDK band now serves duty in my daughter’s Umiak. With the IR band, you may have to purchase the webbing strap extenders. I also recommend drilling a higher attachment point on the bulkhead just under the coaming for the bungees, to keep the band from rotating down. Lastly, take a file and round the edge on the back of the seat pan (That thing’s sharp!). I still have scars where it ‘pinched more than an inch…’

no backband
Took out the ridiculous NDK backband and use nothing. The seat is deep enough to not need one. I got used to no backband and can paddle long days comfortably without one.

Easiest to make your own. Here’s how.
This produces the most comfortable and conforming backbands than money can’t buy. Go to Home Depot and get a section on vinyl gutter for about $4. Cut out a 15" long secion of the flat portion, which is 3" wide. Or, it you want a wider band, make it 4+", including the bent or curved section of the gutter, which will be straightened in the next step.

Now, pop it in the oven at 275 degrees for 5 minutes or until it looks droopy. Then, using gloves, hold it firmly against the curvature of a water heater for a minute or two until it stiffens again, taking the new shape. Cut 1" slots about 1/2" from each end, through which you will thread 1" webbing straps with either a cambuckle or plastic buckle in the middle, behind the backband. Glue 1/2" foam over the vinyl, overlapping the top and bottom edges by 1/2".

Typical attachment method is to burn bolt holes through the ends of the webbing using a soldering iron. After attaching webbing straps in the cockpit, use small-diameter bungies to hold the band upright, attaching them around the webbing or through small holes drilled in the vinyl. Attach other ends of bungies to cockpit rim or other rearward attachment point in the cockpit.

NRS Does
NRS does have a backband. I installed one in my Boreal Ellesmere when the factory backband kept slipping. The NRS band is extremely comfortable and I’ve been very happy with it.


Harmony backband
Harmony Backbands are made by Imersion Research and available on E-Bay auctioned by E-Bike. I bought one for less than $20 including shipping. It uses rachet straps and is quite nice. Bob