NDK Elite Layup Weight???

Just curious if anyone out there has an Elite layup Explorer or Romany and can tell me how much yours weighs.

I know that NDK claims that they weigh 8 or 10 pounds less than the standard, but it has been my experience that the standard weighs 8 or 10 pounds more than they are supposed to in the first place. My Explorer is 65 pounds.



Explorer Elite
My Elite Explorer feels like 52 to55 lbs. I haven’t weighed it but just relative to other boats whose weight I do know.

Romany Elite

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My Elite layup Romany feels as if it weighs significantly less than my ProLite Aquanaut and noticeably less than my standard layup Nordkapp LV.

I would guess it weighs about 45 or so pounds.

Explorer Elite
A friend has one and complains it’s in the high 50s. It’s a few years old so could vary from the newer ones. I’ve paddled it but never lifted it.

NDK Claims
They all have the weight marked on the inside. Maybe this is only with the newer ones.

Does the elite layup still feel plenty strong and stiff? I imagine it does.

My Explorer is like a battle ship. Way more strength than I really need.

Seems that an Elite layup may feel a little more nimle in the water given the weight savings. Certainly would be easier to carry and save the back a bit.


"Way more strength than I really need"
that’s what I thought

until I hit a rock

NDK claims…
the weight is stated inside every Elite layup boat yet I’ve yet to see an Elite NDK boat that had its weight stated on the inside. This claim has been on the NDK site as long as I’ve been visiting it (through a few changes of url)and I’ve seen a number of Elite layup boats (including Celia’s Explorer LV and my Romany) - none have had their weight stated anywhere.

My Romany is fine for most uses including tidal races, surfing, etc… providing it does not encounter significant rock impact. I would not use it for rock gardening.

It is much easier to haul around than a standard layup boat.

(Celia’s Explorer LV is actually a custom version of Elite worked out between Tom Bergh and Nigel Dennis. It is stiffer than my standard Elite Romany with fuller keel reinforcement, etc…)