NDK Explorer: first year of production??

When was the first year they started making the Explorer???

I have owned several and just recently picked up one made in 2000. I am assuming that is a pretty early one. It does say “explorer” on it though and my understanding is that the really early ones just said romany (romany explorer and not to be confused with the actual romany).



Romany Explorer

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Nigel's website notes that production of his boats started in 1993. The first boat was the Romany. As I recall Aled's narrative, he and Nigel worked on developing the Romany in 1992. The Explorer was developed from the Romany. Sea Kayaker gives the year of design as 1993. So, I would hazard that the Romany production started in 1993 and the Explorer no later than 1994.

The early Explorers had Romany on the side with a world/globe logo in which the name 'Explorer' appeared.

At least through the time of the Sea Kayaker review (April 2004) the boat was officially the "Romany Explorer".