NDK Explorer HV + Big Feet???

While my CD Solstice HV is great for loading down on long trips, it handles a little more like a Vanagon than a Carrera.

I’m test driving an NDK Explorer HV next weekend.

Does anyone out there have long legs (36" pants), big feet (14’ers) AND an Explorer HV?

If not, has anyone ever considered cosmetic reduction of their big toe?


more options
Instead of cosmetically, or otherwise, reducing size of your toes, you could modify the deck to include recesses for your flappers.

Ex HV already has dimples for knees, adding two more for toes would only add character.


it’s a body modification site where hacking off body parts is part of the FUN.

EXplorer HV or Tempest 180 come to mind for a Carerra feel. Have fun!


I have Size 14s with 34" inseam, and. .
. . I have no problem fitting comfortably in any NDK standard or HV boat. As a matter of fact, I find that my standard volume Romany provides more foot room than my Nordkapp standard. The NDK boats are a little wider than the Kapp. I do prefer a bulkhead foot brace to the pegs, but have no problem with feet either way.


37" inseam, 13.5 feet
i have a Romany HV and an Impex Ass and my legs and feet fit ‘fine’. but i have to wear low volume, paddling only footwear in them. have paddled the Ex HV a fair bit and the deck fit is the same as the Romany HV. so no sandals in summer, or otherwise footwear with solid soles or heels like my buddies wear. either Chota lite mukluks, or river booties, that’s it.

Speaking of modifications…
… Any good leads on doing something like you suggested on a RM hull? My size 15 feet would appreciate it and I would be able to use sandals or other footwear than the too thin water shoes I have now…

I would imagine a heat gun and something to push from the inside would do the trick, but having not done that on a kayak I’m reluctant to experiment on the boat without trying it on something similar or at least reading other’s experiences…

Great News, Thanks
I now look forward to my test drive even more.


Compact sturdy watershoe
Here’s a great find for big feet - a compact watershoe. Teva has a sandal called the Dozer (#6704). It has a compact but very sturdy sole. In 13’s, I can fit in my standard Explorer and in my old Meridian. The heel curves close around your foot, so it shortens the whole shoe quite a bit.

No more taking sandals off as I get in the boat, and struggling to get them back on before stepping out of the boat to avoid embedding a devil’s horn in my foot (another name for water chestnut seeds, a particular plague of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers).

I’ve been wearing the Dozers with a bootie-foot dry suit and it’s working fine. Here’s a link to Teva’s site: