NDK Explorer Seat Replacement

I have finally accepted the reality that I must cut my seat out and replace with an after market product. I test drove the one from Chesapeake LC today and it did not work at all. Too thick and too small and I’m thinking of trying the one from NRS next. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions of seats other than having to totally customize but that may be where I’m headed since the original seat fit perfectly. Many thanks for your feedback!

I’ll put in one vote for the Bumfortable foam seat. I had the CLC foam tractor seat with attached thigh braces which did not work well for me. I installed a Bumfortable recently and the seat has worked well so far. There’s a slot in the back of the foam seat to allow a 1" strap to run through and act as a backband. The seat seemed too narrow on paper, but the thin foam sides splay out. If you want tighter outfitting, it would need additional foam between the sides and the hull. It’s thicker than the CLC tractor seat, also.


Buy a sheet of 2" minicell, gorilla glue
and a pizza saw. The result will be great comfort and contact. I can send you pictures of my recent Romany S set up, or the four other boats I did this way. Anything off the shelf is a one size fits all approach that created the need for you to remove your stock seat in the first place. I can scarcely think of any single item that will ruin a paddle quicker than a crappy seat. Bill

It’s simple to make a seat
Check out my “Seat Removal & Replacement” album on Webshots at: http://community.webshots.com/user/brian_nystrom-reg

The process for cutting out VCP seats as shown in the album is similar for NDK seats.