NDK Explorer Sprayskirt Size

I’m looking at a Seals Sprayskirt Pro Shocker for an NDK Explorer. From Seals’ website, I come up with a 1.4 for the size. Can anyone confirm this?



1.4 will work fine

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I've used a 1.4 ProShocker on friends' Explorers as well as on my Romany, Nordkapp LV, and Aquanaut. I've also used it on a Tempest 165 and Capella 161 among others.

I’ve used my 1.4 on my better half’s Explorer LV. Fits nicely.

1.4 will fit the boat, but . . .
Depending on how it is made, you may want to order a custom skirt. I’ve seen a lot of NDK boats with the seat mounted further forwards in the cockpit which means the standard tube position on the 1.4 will be too far aft. It can be worn, but you’ll feel it tugging your torso to the rear. Same thing with Snap Dragon medium skirts, the tube can be too far back for the seat placement.

1.4 Definitely
I have two Explorers with two 1.4s (standard). Absolutely no problems. Go for it.

I would call Seals and
ask to speak with Joe. The Pro Shocker is primarily a WW skirt and may have the tunnel located to far to the rear. Seals can move the tunnel forward a few inches on a custom order if needed. Stock may be fine, but I would check the distance from the back of the seat to the coaming and then check the distance from the back of the tube to the rand.



1.4 it is
I’ve used an Extreme Tour 1.4 that fits fine. Lately, I’ve moved to a Shocker 1.4 and the tunnel is located well for the home-made foam seat I’ve got. However, I got the Shocker second hand and don’t know if it’s a standard-made one. The color is custom (disgustingly bright yellow).

I’d follow Wetzool’s suggestion and talk to the maker.


Thanks everyone
Thanks, everyone. We’re going to wait until the boat is delivered, so I can take measurements before I get one.

Seems to make sense to get it right.

Your Shocker is stock
tube position. Only color is custom that used to

match my Avocet. Now I need an orange one to match

my Cetus. Your old Aquanaut now lives in Quebec.