NDK Explorer Standard vs HV

Anyone have info on the differences between these two NDKs in dimensions, weight and performance?

The spec sheets on the Internet show them to be identical which doesn’t make sense. I’m seriously thinking of buying one and am 6’5", 212 lbs, size 13 shoes.

I built an Arctic Tern High a few years ago but wish I had built the standard since I really don’t need the extra space and it is very loose fitting.


Exactly the same hull

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See jbv below - possible I am wrong on the HV. I know the LV and the standard are exactly the same hull.

NDK gets away with the above because the Explorer hull was and still is a relatively user-friendly combination of primary stability, secondary and ease of turning.

NDK Explorer Standard vs HV
I’m barrel chested 6’ 230# w/ size 11 feet. I cannot sit comfortably in the standard Explorer. The thigh braces are too tight. The HV is a very good fit for me. The bump outs for the knees and better fitting cockpit make a big difference for me. My Romany S is being replaced and I’m trying to decide whether to go with the Explorer HV or the S.

the seat on the HV also sits lower NM

We have a friend with an HV, but he hasn’t noted a diff in seat height. I can’t say that it’s had reason to come up in conversation either.

slightly different hulls…

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i think the HV is a tad longer than the std hull. as i understand it, the cross section shape is a bit different, fuller in the ends and not as flat in the middle. maybe a bit more rocker. at least this is the case on the current HV, a couple of years ago, it was a different hull again, harder chined i believe...

Me bad?
I swear I was told it was the same hull all the way thru by someone who should know - but then it’s NDK…

Originally the same
Originally the standard, HV and LV Explorers had exactly the same hulls.

In our paddling group we have standard, HV and LV Explorers… When they are sitting side by side the hulls seem exactly the same.

I don’t know if this has changed in recent years (I think the newest Explorer in our pod is a 2004), but NDK is not be the most reliable source. They started asserting the Explorer was 17’ 8" a couple of years ago after listing it as 17’6" since its introduction. There was no change to the boat and Sea Kayaker measured it at 17’6"…

no me bad
i’m just pulling legs, i have no idea. but i still swear it’s slightly different, just to be difficult and confusing.

I think jbv was taking a jab
(good natured I hope) at me over my observation that a particular Romany Surf and a particular Romany HV have different hull shapes. I made a much more broad statement that Surfs and HV had different hulls. In retrospect I should have limited my statement to the two particular boats.

What I didn’t realize at the time was the Surf I check out at a retailer, demo’ed for a day, and then borrowed from a friend were in fact the same kayak. So it could be a ‘freak’ boat.

Or, like it has been mentioned before NDK isn’t consistent with what is on their website (in terms of dimensions) and the actual dimensions of their boats. There also seems to be quite a bit of variation in kayaks of the same model.

Thanks for the inputs everyone. As it turns out, I may get to try both a Standard and HV this week.


Among standard Explorer paddlers
in our pod is a friend who is 6’4", not a weed and I think size 14 feet. He finds the standard Explorer a good fit.