NDK Foam Block Backrest????

Anyone know where I can order one of these? You know, the ones that Dale Williams used to sell. They used to have them at Sea Kayak VA but I can’t find them now.



Sea Kayak Georgia

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Many make their own
Most folk I know who have gone to a foam back rest have made their own. Here is the link to SKG’s:


make your own
I ordered a piece of 3-inch foam from kayakfit.com, and cut my own. I think it was less than $20 for a foot of it. It’s cheaper, and even if you get a pre-made one, you’ll have to sculpt it to fit your boat and your back over the first couple days you use it. Might as well skip the upfront cost, and just do it yourself with a bandsaw, or hacksaw blade and some sandpaper.

Don’t bother
At least that was my experience. I fashioned one from mini cell foam after seeing it on SK G site. I fastened it to the bulkhead with double stick exterior carpet tape. I found that it interfeared with my layback even after several “adjustments”. By the time I got it to not interfeare with my layback, it didn’t give any contact or support when paddling. Back to the Bomber Gear backband for me.

Bought mine from VA
I had a nice snap dragon back-band with the stock glass seat, it was okay but pinched hell out of me from time to time so it was out. The foam block went in easy and I didn’t have to cut or make adjustments. First day out had me on a medium length paddle with wave play at intermission - worth every penny.

When I switch to the Explorer from my Ellesmere I temporarily lost a few rolls but got them back with the block - it works for me

Even if you don’t like it the investment is small.

It works great!

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I put one in my Romany just the way it came. It fit in the boat perfect and fits my back fine. I can roll more comfortably than ever! Why waste your time making and tweeking one when you can just pop it in and go for less than making one? Mine cost $18 dollars and a block of foam was $23.

SKG is out…
I had looked there this morning after seeing that VA sea kayak did not have them. Unfortunately they are out of stock at SKG.

There has to be someplace that has them.

As to making my own…I have done that before but the shape and angle of the one Dale makes is perfect. I have a really bad back and got the angle wrong on the first one I made and man was it painful.

I will gladly pay the price for one of Dale’s


While mine was custom made for both my Romany and ExplorerLVs, I ordered one from Tom and Ed at Virginia Sea Kayak for my husband’s Avocet which it fit perfectly.

I swear by these backrests and have never had any issues.

Maybe if you ask Marcia at SKG, she’d get one for you. She’s very accommodating.

band saw, little dragon skin to sand and some contact cement…never looked back.

comfy, functional, 0 moving parts. damn near fool proof.

Made mine from two yoga blocks
I had them on hand so I could try it out immediately. I think I like it better than a back band.

Yes, we’re out
Hi all,

We are out of stock and looking at options to get them again as Dale isn’t supplying them.

Thanks for the support!


Virginia Sea Kayak Center

Real easy to make…
…and works well. Just shape it till it fits right and doesn’t hinder your layback.


Punch in, “minicell kayak,” on ebay. Got a great deal on a 2’x2’x4" chunk.