I am trying to find people who kayak the NDK Greenlander, especially those with the traditional ocean cockpit. I have purchased an older model although it is brand new. I am in need of any type of manaual that came with that model equipped with the rope activated skeg. Any help is greatly appreciated. TNX

Contact Cynthia at Chicago Kayak-
She may be able to help you:



w/ data sheets

great boat
you have a superb boat there.

the lay up and skeg are however chronic.

the skeg set up is designed to be fixed on a beach with a pen knife. unfortunately it will always need repairs on the beach with a pen knife.

i had a romany for a month and never purchased it because of the skeg. i went with a capella and am very pleased.

the greenlander pro is a great expedition boat.


Are we supposed to believe that? Designed that way :slight_smile:

I will agree that NDK skegs do have a habit of getting a small pebble wedged between the skeg blade and the skeg box. A small hole drilled in the lower skeg edge with a short nylon cord attached helps solve the deployment. (you have to have a paddle buddy though :slight_smile: