NDK kayaks: are “Elite” and “the Elite Range” the same?

I’ve seen a newer NDK (SKUK now, I guess) kayak that says “Elite” next to the model name on the hull, and I think this means it has the lighter, somewhat less robust Elite lay-up, right? I have also seen an older used model that says on the hull, “The Elite Range.” This kayak is around 12 years old. Does it mean the same thing? Thanks!

Try to get a hold of Tom Bergh at Maine Island Kayak Co. They are the same idea, but it is small details like how far extra reinforcement along the keel line ran that could change from year to year. I have one of the earliest Elites at home that l know has more reinforcement along the keel line than current elites for ex.

Hi Celia! Hope you’ve been enjoying the strange spring. Thanks for the info. I plan to take some lessons this spring as I need to learn more before changing boats. But I like to poke around anyway!

Hi Doggy. I am enjoying the sunny days we are finally getting. As a homeowner in a city with a sidewalk out front, it got old to be thinking about whether to put out ice melt three weeks after Easter. But do call Tom. He probably has more in his head about NDK details than anyone left on the east coast. Matter of fact NDK has a new boat out which may get me over to Peak’s to demo it this spring.

Thank you! Yup, it was a long winter and now it feels like summer!