NDK Pilgrim

Nigel Dennis Kayaks has come out with totally redesigned versions of the Romany LV and Explorer LV. The new kayaks are called the Pigrim and the Pilgrim Expedition. Redesigned hull, lower deck and adjustable fiberglass seat. Looks very nice in the picture on the website.




It IS nice
I got to paddle one not long ago. Somebody had a thread here, or maybe it was a sub-thread, on the Pilgrim.

BTW, the one I paddled said “Romany LV” on it and was described as the newly-redesigned version, but it was definitely the Pilgrim, as I found out later when I looked at SKUK’s website.

It’s so nice I plan to buy one!

How do you tell the difference?

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"BTW, the one I paddled said "Romany LV" on it and was described as the newly-redesigned version, but it was definitely the Pilgrim, as I found out later when I looked at SKUK's website."

I tried one last week. It was brand spanking new. But I've not tried the earlier version of the R-LV. So I can't tell which is which.

It was pretty nice. But not exactly revolutionary. And paddled back to back against the Avocet LV, it didn't exactly stand out...

Easy to tell

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I paddled the old Romany LV two years ago. Both the visual appearance and the behavior are clearly different.

The old LV was the same width as the standard Romany. After using the "new LV" for a few days, I put it next to a standard Romany and the former was obviously narrower. Length looked the same. At the time I didn't know about the Pilgrim but when I looked at the website later it was clearly the boat I had just paddled.

The knee bumps were not in the old LV. The new cockpit is more forward instead of being far back. Supposedly there is less rocker now but I didn't compare that.

The "new LV"/Pilgrim tracks better both forwards and backwards and it feels faster (did not test with any measuring device). Does not tend to leecock like the old one did.

The one possible downside is that if you like the old Romany LV's super-maneuverability, the new version will feel *almost* bland. It's still very maneuverable, but it doesn't have the kind of overachiever turniness the old one did. I considered it a lovable quirk. But overall, I like the Pilgrim better. Better than anything else I've paddled, actually.

no Romany Excel
looks like he’s done away with that one…

they aren’t re-designs
they are completely different kayaks - at least that is what I hear from Nigel.

Romany LV
pikabike is right on, this LV is actually quite a broad boat up front, altho the cockpit is amazingly narrow w. whitewater-like thigh braces, which I really liked. The Romany LV is a nice low volume boat for an average/large average paddler,but it is not a ‘small person’s’ boat like the Pilgrim promises to be. A true small person’s boat is sized down in many dimensions while still retaining a seakayak feel and performance.

Kudos to ND for designing for the small paddler, particularly in regard to the cockpit fitting and deck height. If the overall design stays truer to the Romany, well, it’s a classic design and has made a lot of seakayakers happy.

I will certainly enjoy trying the Pilgrim :smiley:

Romany Surf is the current high volume

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If by 'Excel' you mean extra large (XL), the current high volume version of the Romany is the Romany Surf.

Not quite
There is a Romany Excel – a large-person’s Romany that is larger than the Romany S. They’re not the same boat.

Hope that helps :-). – Tom

I stand corrected.

The Pilgrim for smaller paddlers, the Romany for ‘average’ size paddlers, the Surf for large paddlers, and the Excel for REALLY big paddlers.

Specs and price?
Couldn’t find them anywhere.

Excel Oceanliner
Got to paddle our demo Excel the other day. Nice kayak, but I need another 50 lbs. to get it far enough down in the water (I’m 190).

It was work to get the thing to edge at my weight, but I know a couple of paddlers who will love it. Very, very steady boat, but you need the weight to make it perform. With lots of camping gear aboard it would work well for me, I think.

It’s interesting that Nigel’s website does not mention this model, but Maine Island Kayak and Kari-tek’s do.

Cheers, Alan


I guess so.
I’m 180+ and paddle a standard Romany very comfortably and have been told that the Surf would be too big for me. So…

I’m actually wondering of the Pilgrim Expedition could work as a day boat for someone my size in the way the Nordkapp LV does?

I Emailed The Company
I was interested in this fact also…so I emailed the company but haven’t gotten a response yet. Will let you know when I do.

Ever hear of Google?
All you have to do is search.


I’m Missing something?
Just where on the MIKCO site are the specifications for the Pilgrim? It does not appear to be listed anywhere on the site.

So is the Excel the Poseidon which then became the Romany HV which then became the Romany Excel or is it a new kayak? I thought the Romany S was the new Poseidon/Romany HV with a slightly flatter hull.

At least someone is making some big guy short boats, the Zephyr 160 or the Romany Excel might wind up joining the fleet.

Excel is a new hull
The Excel is longer and wider than a Romany HV/Poseidon/Surf. The Surf is very closely related to the HV/Poseidon. At least one paddler who has an HV tells me he cannot see any notable difference between it and a Surf.

The most complete online info I’ve found thus far is the MIKCo site:


Cut and paste specs, please, since
the links provided don’t seem to lead to specs.

Pilgrim Release Date In August
I guess I’m missing something too. I don’t think that any dealer will have specs since the Pilgrim is not supposed to be released until August. There aren’t even specs listed on the NDK website. So…