NDK Poseidon

The literature says:

“The NDK Romany HV (formerly the Poseidon) is the new compact kayak design. It has similar paddling characteristics of the Romany, but it can accommodate much larger paddlers.”

I’m 220#. What does “much larger” mean?

I am about 230 and it fits fine. Long
legs, too. It is a very nice play boat style sea kayak. I still use it for weekend trips and if careful can get much more out of it. Fun boat.


now called the Romany Surf
which is the Posiedon/HV hull with a new cockpit on it. it is essentially the Explorer HV deck treatment and knee bumps with a longer keyhole cockpit, to fit bigger folks, longer legs, etc. i’m sure you’d fit, but you would want to sit in one and paddle it yourself to see if it’s comfortable. i have one on order which should arrive anytime now.