NDK Romany 16

I’ve had a QCC 400x for a few years and am thinking a new boat may be in my future. (Okay, I’m getting the bug.) There are things I like and don’t like about the 400.

I’ve always been impressed with the quality of construction of QCC boats. I’m ready for a narrower and slightly longer boat I think. Laying back to do sweep rolls are almost impossible in the QCC. I’d like a lower back deck.

The 400 also has no thigh braces which make it hard to hold on to. (I know I can outfit it and have considered that.)

I’d also like something with a harder chine. I’m thinking edging would be easier to do and hold.

Hatches that don’t leak sure would be nice too.

The performance of the Romany seems well received by most folks. I’ve read a bit on poor quality control of NDK boats. Anyone care to share an opinion on the Romany? It appears to fit my needs. Sixteen feet will fit in the area I need to store it. Anything longer and I’ll have to re-think where I keep it. (Don’t really want to do that.)

Thanks for your thoughts!

Liked mine
Issues, Had to rebuild the skeg for it to work. Boat really does not need one. There was limitted clearance between the cockpit rim and the rear deck. I could not get one of my skirts on the boat, The Nookie and Snap Dragon worked fine.

Lots of spidercrack in the gelcoat, cosmetic only.

Nicest feeling rough water boat I ever had.

Great Kayak!
I’ve owned over 30 different kayaks and was not happy until I finally purchased a Romany and Explorer! NDK newer kayaks have good QC. I recommend the regular lay up over the lighter lay ups they offer. The regular lay up is heavier but the gelcoat is 1/4" thick so you can sand scratches out without going though to the cloth. (Try that with a Current Design) My hatches and rope skegs work great and are easily adjusted. If you do buy one closely inspect as I would any kayak. Every manufacture makes a few lemons.


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The Romany is a classic. It is a fun supportive boat. There may be no boat that is more forgiving and confidence inspiring.

There are a lot of them in the Northeast so you should have no trouble demoing one and finding one for a reasonable price.

NDK quality control has always been vague. Inspect any Romany very carefully.

I happen to love my Elite layup Romany - having a boat that weighs well under 50 pounds is a joy.

The Romany is a ball of fun!

NDK Quality

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"Good ones" are out there, that is will take a lickin' fine. Some of them are older and weigh a tone because they get that with a lot of gel coat, and some of the newer ones are lighter and have enough. My Explorer LV just lost her first gel patches in a drop last weekend and I could see from sanding down for the repair there is bodacious fiber diolen and glass stucture under there. Also a pretty healthy depth of gel coat along the keel line. When these boats are made right, they will tolerate landings in surf on rocks on the coast of Wales.

The bulkeads are, in our experience, bone dry as long as the hatch rims are in good conditions and no cracks.

From our experience, 2004 and more recent years show more consistent QC. Just check it out - shine a flashlight thru the hull to check for things like keel strip, check out the glass that is holding the screws in for the deck fittings under the hull and the height of the coaming to make sure it'll take a skirt easily.

Note that even the best NDK boat won't have the visual finesse of a Seaward, like a pretty seal along the top of the coaming being cut for the cockpit. (and my info on Valley was old)

The responsiveness of this boat is fantastic and it supports learning skills like little else out there.

"…neither does Valley…"
Look at David Lewis’ Aquanaut (or any other 2006 or 2007 Valley boat.) Even the seam between the coaming and the deck is taped (like a P&H boat).

Looking at David’s 06 'naut next to my '04 was nearly like looking at my 'naut next to my Romany.