NDK Romany, other suggestions??

I am looking to purchase a sea kayak that will perform great in rough waters but will also be nimble enough to navigate “nooks and crannies” while exploring nature. A kayak that is durable, fairly fast, etc. No need for massive storage capabilities as day trips are only on the agenda. I have heard of the Romany. Any others like it?

Any suggestions for top of the line kayaks that fit the bill? I am medium sized paddler.(508/155).

Thanks to all who respond.

Valley Avocet
If in the 16 ft length.

i am partial to the tempest series
a 165 would fit the bill

If you are on a budget
You might want to look at a Hurricane Aqua Sports Tracer.

She’s a happy boat when things get rough, and very easy to turn. The Tempest 165 felt a bit faster but not quite as maneuverable.

Demo, demo, demo…

Romany 16, Avocet, Chatham 16, Tempest 165, Impex Currituk, Mariner Coaster, Pintail, Anas Acuta, Kajak Sport viking.

Paddle es many as ya can, and buy the one that “you” like the best. I’ve paddled all the above, and owned 3 of the above. My preference is there, but it’s just mine. Yours may vary. They are all fine products.

P&H Capella 161 is…

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... a good alternative to a Romany or Avocet. I know at least one paddler who sold their Romany to get a Capella 161 and loves it -- faster and equally playful. You should fit it well.


Chatham 16
by Necky

Fathom 16.5 ft

List of 'em

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For your height and weight
(amongst the other good suggestions made so far)
Impex Montauk
Impex Currituck (maybe)
Impex Force 3
Impex Force 4 (depends on fit of the 3)
P & H Capella
P & H Vela

So, when do you want to go play? ;)

See you on the water,

Pintails and Anas Acutas

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Keep in mind that that many people think the Pintail is too "turny" (ie, doesn't track well). The Anas Acuta is very, very different from a Romany (and Avocet). It has a reputation of being very slow. You also may not like the ocean cockpit or the way your legs are positioned.

The Pintail and Anas Acuta are great boats but a bit specialized. If you like the Pintail, they seem to be relatively easy to come-by used (see above comment). The Anas Acutas are hard to come-by used because the few owners of them tend to love them. (Note that the Pintail is a rounded-hull version of the Anas Acuta.)

The Anas Acuta, like the Pintail, doesn't track well. I suspect that the purchasers of the Anas tend to know this and the purchasers of the Pintail tend not to.

The Romany and Avocet are similar boats. The Avocet is supposed to be a bit faster and have less primary stability.

my experience

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for what it's worth. i am 5'9" and 165lbs. and i had similar criteria.

i considered most of the boats listed above.

romany: great handling and feel but too slow to keep up with the quicker paddlers in my group, plus i wasn't too impressed with their QC.

chatham 16: amazing build, super light, but waaaayyy too slow.

chatham 17: faster, less responsive, but i was swimming in the cockpit.

avocet: excellent all-round choice, faster than the romany but not as fast as the viking. i could have bought this boat and been happy.

viking: straighter tracking without skeg than any of the above but still can be considered "well handling." shockingly fast for a 16'4" boat. phenomenal QC and very light.

all of the above rolled great, edged easily, and did all the BCU stuff well.

in the end, i went with the kajaksport viking and have been really quite happy with it. it's a totally different hull profile (moderately deep vee) to the others, so it has a very different feel to it--you may like it, you may not. i was seriously considering the avocet because it had a more familiar feel to my previous boats. but having the ability to keep up with the epics and force 4s in my group meant a lot to me (btw: it's obviously not as fast in a sprint as those but it can at least keep up on a long trip.) i got to really like the vee hull and any twitchiness that i used to experience quickly vanished. i can close my eyes and lean back comfortably in the boat now.

your results may vary.

good luck. they're all good choices.

Feathercraft Khatsalano

Anas Acuta is enigma
I have spent some time trying to get my head around the AA and it is different. I wonder if many own and will not give them up due to cognative dissonance or the “its cool to own” factor or the preceived prestige of being a member of small cult. Some own them, but do not seem to use them often. I expected it to be slow, but on flat water you can hold a good speed with one. In textured water it does seem to slow down quite a bit which is where I thought it would be faster. to me it slows and wallows a bit in stuff. It can be a wild ride, but it is very rewarding and instructive to paddle.

Those who actually like them as a boat, really like them. There is something about being in one that is very seductive. Almost as if when you are paddling there is this single combined personage of you and the boat that interacts with the sea. The Pintail by comparison just seems dull and vague to me. Fun boat and all, but dull and vague.

Why bother
with all of the above??? The NDK Romany fills the bill. You won’t be sorry you bought the best.

Dang, and here I thought I was having
fun with that Necky Elaho that a nice guy who’s sometimes around this board made me a good deal on!

Kidding aside, I hadn’t been paddling much the last few months, but have gotten into the Elaho several times in the last few weeks while I wait for Epic to figure out what they’re doing about my leaky ski. I changed out the footbraces for a pair of Sea-Lines, which improved the feel. I’m not sure how well I like the rudder controls, but I don’t find much use for the rudder anyway and I like having something solid underfoot. I’ll be back in the market for a composite boat eventually, but for the moment the Elaho is working out great. It’s a lot of fun in close to shore and along the cliffs where there’s some energy in the water and lots of bumps going in different directions to play off of.

Cause NDK quality control sucks

Elaho - original version
You should try an Elaho DS (drop skeg) - the original version of the boat. It is even livelier than a Romany! Unfortunately it also weathercocks severely and the skeg set/design leaves a bit to be desired.

Buy used!
There are always a few used Romanys out there. Best way to buy an NDK boat is to be able to examine it and paddle the exact boat you are buying.

Own a Romany
and had a Greenlander. Both purchased used. The skeg on the Romany needed an overhaul and the screws that hold in the foot braces are frozen solid. The cockpit rim on Greenlander was set too low to the back deck to allow many spray skirts too fit. They do handle nicely.