NDK Romany S RM sizing?

Have a chance to pick up a 2009 Romany S RM thats the plastic one they made for 1 year. But its a far drive to check it out. I don’t want to bother if its going to be to big for me.Its at a real low price so thats why iam considering it. I don’t have the money right now to go out and buy say a Valley Avocet or similar kayak.

Me 5’8" 170 pounds. I also have a NDK Greenlander Pro which I did ad 1/2 inch padding in thigh area, nice tight fit. I also have a Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 which I also added 1/2 paddling and iam still a little loose in that but its my creek boat so I don’t need a real tight fit on that one.

I will be keeping the Greenlander as its my expedition kayak. But might get rid of the Tsunami 140.

Not sure how many have this kayak but I thought it was worth a shot to ask. According to NDK website which still shows this kayak its for 5’4" to 6 feet something.So iam thinking with some foam padding I can make this fit me well? I guess the seat can be adjusted up or down from what I have found out about it. I figure keep seat low and ad a seat pad as NDK seats aren’t the most comfy.

It would be my day/surf kayak.

Should work
I spent a day in one a few years ago, in pretty big surf in SanDiego. I liked it a lot. A common complaint with these is that they leak between the coaming and deck. I found that to be true. But a good design and nice rigid hull.



I have heard that
Yes I have hear that they sometimes leak between the coaming and the hull. From what I have read the fiberglass coaming is riveted and glued to the plastic hull. I wonder if it does leak can I reseal with something like lexel? If I decide to get it I will check to see if it leaks there and try resealing with lexel sealer. As long as it isn’t gushing I should be ok for a day kayak. I will probably put an electric bilge pump in it like I have in my other kayak.

Hopefully I will fit in it ok. I do expect to have to use the closed cell foam to make it fit. Good thing I have a LARGE roll of it in 1/2 inch thick .

Oh how big are you since you paddled one before?

Check Hull
NDK had 2 versions of that hull. One was a single layer version. The single layer was subject to oil canning easily. The other was a triple layer construction, similar to P&H and Valley. It was ok, but still had the leak around the cockpit rim.

in the surf
This boat is more fun in the surf than you can imagine. It really does make surfing fun. I had some memorable rides in mine. Otherwise it is a bit slower than my other boats, but it will keep up with the group. If the price is right, you will have some fun.

I am 210 and 68 years old. My weight was no problem at all.

Not sure about triple layer
I haven’t yet gone and see this kayak but do have some pictures. No idea if its triple layer or single layer of plastic. I have a picture of the inside were a hip pad is missing is this helps to tell if its single layer or triple.


Iam not concerned if I will fit iam concerned its TOO BIG not to small. Its a long drive to see it so I don’t want to waste my time if its too big.

I would think I could reseal the coaming to hull deck with lexel if it leaks.

my size
I’m 6’0, 180#. I don’t remember specifically how I fit in it, but I was comfortable. I’d suspect anyone within a couple inches and 20 pounds of me would have no problem.

triple layer vs. single dump
Usually the triple layer boats are a different color inside than outside.