NDK Romany S RM

Does anyone know where one can find a Romany S RM? It seems they disappeared from the market as fast as they appeared.


With some reason
There were a number of problems with the RM Romany which is why they are not much to be seen these days.

I know of 2 NDK dealers in the Northeast who have RM Romanys in stock: Maine Island Kayak on Peaks Island, Maine, and Atlantic Kayak Tours on the Hudson River.



could you elaborate?
Can you elaborate on the specific problems? I’m also interested in the romany s rm.

Do you know if it is still being produced?

cockpit coaming
I paddled one at Aqua Adventures in San Diego with Jen Kleck, and it was a fun boat. It really does surf surprisingly well. The problem I experienced with it was pretty massive leakage between the plastic deck and the composite coaming.

If you’re in California, you could see if Jen is selling the one that’s in her demo fleet.


Barrier Island Kayaks
Lamar has 2 or 3 used ones.

One of the ‘problems’ is the size of the day hatch. It is, for whatever reason, very slightly larger than the day hatch of the composite NDK kayaks. The standard NDK day hatch cover won’t fit on the RM.

for all the leads (although Nate Hanson’s “If you’re in California …” is about as helpful as “If you’re on the East Coast”!). Still hard to believe it was such a flop, it’s such a good looking boat.

poor execution

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The problem of seal between the composite coaming and the deck seems to have been endemic.

Nigel wanted to keep the same coaming design as on his composite boats. That design did not adapt to rotomolding, hence the composite coaming on a plastic boat. The composite Romany S doesn't share that issue.

Romany surf
I believe there is also one in the Philly region:


Those bolts that stick into the seat and are covered by some cut out foam just didn’t seem like a good idea. Why put a piece of metal sticking into your hip?

ie- the boat is shit

Romany S

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