NDK Romany Surf vs Classic

Okay, will try a slightly different question. Has anyone paddled both who can offer insights into some of the differences. How to the harder chines of the Surf affect handling/primary to secondary transition? Are they of similar speed in flat water given the same “engine”? How different do the cockpits feel? Also, how do people feel they compare to other “playboats” eg Valley Sirona, P&H Delphin, etc.


I don’t fit the standard Romany, but do fit the Surf, so can’t give you a side by side. The Surf name has nothing that I can see related to surfing, but instead signifies a slightly larger cockpit.

Paddled it in a different time and conditions than when I paddled a Delphin (or my normal Alchemy or Stratos), so not a true side by side. In general, the Romany Surf seemed like a bigger (longer) boat than those, so not as much of a playboat to me as they are. But much more playful than the Valley Aquanaut HV I used to have.