NDK Romany Weight Limit???


I am short and stocky at about 5’8 and 200 pounds. Am I too heavy for optimal performance in a Romany?

I have paddled the Romany Surf which is supposed to be for heavier paddlers but don’t care for the feel of the harder chines and flatter bottom.

If I am pushing the weight limit for the Romany then what other boat in this category might be better for me? Looking for a playful 16 footer for playing in the surf. I have an Explorer which is great in the surf, but looking for something a bit more maneuverable and playful.



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How about 14 feet? Test drive the Alchemy.

WS Zephyr 155
P&H Delphin

Venture Islay

200 lbs is nothing
i have plenty of friends who are will over 200 and use it for exactly what you wand to do. That doesn’t mean it’s ideal but no problems.

The Romany can be tight. I definitely wouldn’t purchase one until you tried it out first. I paddle a Romany Surf and and Epic 18X (best of both worlds for me).


Compare Delphin and Romany
You might like the Delphin 155 (or Aries, which is the composite version).

It’ll carry more weight than the Romany, and is a bit further towards the surfy, maneuverable end of the spectrum than the Romany. Might make a good pair with your Explorer. You sacrifice a touch of speed with the Delphin compared to the Romany, but it’s not bad. Paddling a day on flat water in the Delphin is not a lot of fun though. The Romany is more versatile that way.

How much gear do you plan to carry in the Romany. If your day kit is another 30 pounds, then that might make you heavy in the Romany, but if it’s just your 200 pounds you’re closer to design weight. I’ve paddled it at 200 pounds with gear and it wasn’t bad.