NDK rope skeg repair

Does anybody have any experience repairing their rope skeg? The rope on my romany snapped during a surf session and I have no clue how to replace,what to replace with nor how to refit the skeg and attach the bungies. I don’t normally use the skeg, but I would like it functional and not just duct taped into place. It looks like a puzzle to me.

Just the skeg rope?
If it’s just the skeg rope, what are you seeing that isn’t making sense? The point of that rope skeg is that it’s a tool-free fix.

tool free, undoubtedly. but how does it go back together again. How do the bungies tie in to enable the skeg to drop?

check here

Just checked with husband

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He's messed with the bungie tension on his Romany so recalled. We can't post shots of it right now due to some complications in our lives, but here's what he said.

There is a disk at the top of the skeg. You need to have the bungie wrapped around it so it contracts and is on maximum tension with the skeg retrackted (rope in the cleat). Minimum tension is on when the skeg is released.

You can probably see this by playing with it - unfortunately we can't just go and look at it right now but it may just be a matter of getting the direction right around the disk (clockwise or counter clockwise). You install the bungie with the skeg down then pull it up and tie the skeg rope off to it as needed to have the tension so it isn't way proud (still sticking out).

Hope this helps.

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You may need to join

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NDK Owners on Yahoo groups http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NDKOWNERS/
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Have replaced shock cord and line
I have replaced both the shock cord and the line on my rope skeg Romany. It really is very straight forward. The trick is to remember that the shock cord deploys the skeg so, as noted above, the bungee is at maximum tension when skeg is retracted. When the rope is released to deploy the skeg, the contraction of the shock cord is what rotates the skeg down.

The tricky part is to get the tension right on the bungee so the skeg not only deploys but can actually be fully retracted from the cockpit (without super-human strength).

That helped