NDK Skeg Slider Cable Housing Fixation

I have a 2015 NDK Pilgrim with a wire-controlled skeg. The skeg function has developed a problem that I can’t figure out how to fix, despite a lot of Googling.

Note that the inner control wire is not kinked anywhere along its length. I know this because if I remove the inner wire from the slider assembly on the port side of the hull, and hold the housing tight with one hand, I can deploy and retract the skeg at will using the wire, without excessive friction. Moreover, once the skeg is deployed, I can retract it easily using the slider. The problem is that I can’t deploy the skeg using the slider.

The reason for this appears to be that the cable housing has become detached from the slider assembly. So when you move the slider sternward - “pushing” the inner wire - the housing just moves away from the slider body, and the inner wire therefore does not move the skeg. The green circle in the attached photo shows the housing in “retracting” mode and the blue circle shows the housing in (attempted) “deploying” mode.

SO… I can’t figure out how the housing was attached to the slider body in the first place, nor can I fgure out how to reattach it. Unlike the compression fitting where the cable goes into the skeg box at the stern, the metal fitting here has no facets or other clues to how it works. Was it just squeezed on at the factory or something???

Anyway, looking for any help you can provide.

You might be able to find some help on this page of Sea Kayaks USA, the US distributor of NGK Kayaks.

Unfortunately, NGK Kayaks only come with a 12 month warranty, unlike many other manufacturers that have a lifetime warranty.