NDK Skegs?

I saw some new NDK boats yesterday that have a skeg made by somebody else in them. Is this an improved system and if so how?

Kari Tek

– Last Updated: Aug-23-07 12:17 PM EST –

Many of the new boats come with Kari Tek skeg systems. Pretty cool stuff. It basically eliminates ropes and wires.

Here's a link: http://www.kari-tek.co.uk/SkegSystems.html

Virginia Sea Kayak Center

that is cool
I don’t like the skeg/rudder though.

It will be interesting…
…to see how well that system holds up under actual conditions.

Seems overly complicated
If it were to fail in the field, I’m not sure how many paddlers would be able to fix it on a beach somewhere without carrying more tools.

As much as I dislike rope skegs, they are simple, and easy to fix. Wire skegs can be fixed enough to work in the field as well with minimal effort, but complete repair is a little tougher, unless you carry an extra wire. Some people do.

I think I’d wait a few years with this new system and see how it holds up to use.

New P&H skeg
The slkeg on the Cetus I paddled was a slider contoled rope skeg – the best of both worlds.

The control as at midship also avoiding the impingement issue.