NE Ohio - Chagrin River - Info. needed

We would like to paddle the Chagrin - an overnite trip if possible. Can anyone suggest put-in and take-out points? Do you know if camping is permitted along the Chagrin? THANKS!

You will be dragging your boat most of the way.

The Chagrin is very low right now and even if we get a good rain it empties out pretty quick. I paddle the mouth into the lake quite a bit. (It’s 5 min. from my house)

I have pretty much given up on running the Chagrin, except in the spring and late fall. Beware when the waters up! There are a couple of spots that can get too class 3 and are fairly technical. Not to mention all the floating hazards and sweepers.

No camping along the way that I know of, it’s highly developed most of the way.

I think you would be much happier if you looked into doing either the Grand or upper Cuyahoga. Both have some camping along the way.

Did you get your info from that “Glucose” magazine that a lot of OH paddlers got? I’ve already sent them a letter asking what they are smoking. Quite a bit of their info is incorrect.

Sorry to hijack… I received one of those mags. Can’t for the life of me figure out how I got on the list. Any ideas? Did NRS or REI sell my info? I don’t have any local affiliations


Maybe ACA
I’m glad to see a free mag devoted to Outdoor activity in Ohio. I understand they are welcoming contributors, so if you’re unhappy with the info in the paddling issue, why not submit an article?

Don’t get me wrong
I was also happy to see an OH outdoor magazine.

I meant to start a post asking others what they thought of Glucose, just never got around to it.

I just think they need too get their facts correct before publishing. At least one person a year dies on the Chagrin, and saying it is only a class 1 could raise that number.

I’m not much of a writer, but I’ve been thinking about starting, since I read the “trip reports- why so few” thread on this site.

Back to the topic
kiteboard- do you live close to the Chagrin?

I’m always looking for people to paddle with and I would be happy to meet you on the water and share some of my local spots.

Could ya tell me more about camp…
camping on the Grand? I’m from Avon and am not aware of such.