Necessary UV protection.

To “303” or not to “303”

That is the question.

Whether tis nobler to leave a slick on yon waters,

or by avoidance, redden thy mango hull.

Ok…if you must leave your new paddling partner out in the sun, how long before real damage is done? (I hope we all have the opportunity to paddle on sunny days.) We may leave our boats out between trips. For UV protection, what about the stuff we use on ourselves…SPF 30 or 40 (with UV-A and UV-B protection)???

Well, my paddling partner…
used to be a red head, so I’ll guess leaving her out in the Florida sun without sunscreen is good for about 15 minutes.

The boat you can throw a tarp over, but Deb just won’t go for that, so she uses an SPF factor 5000, I think.


Which would you prefer?
Slathering on SPF 100 and sitting out in the sun


Sitting under the shade of an opaque tarp?

I 303 my rubber hatch covers but not the kayak itself.

Red boat or Pink boat

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I use 303 to prevent going Pink with my solid
racing red finish on my kayak.

UV will destroy finishes on many materials,
plastic, fiberglass, and otherwise - with time.

Shade is your kayaks best friend when it's
unoccupied and out of the water

That’s why no red cars for me
The red paint fades more quickly than other colors.

I saw a list of which colors are most prone to fading. Wish I could remember where I saw that list.

I’ve used 303 on my hands when I’ve
forgotten to bring along sun lotion. Seems to work.

If you rub down the 303 like they tell you to, or if you let it “dry” on the boat a few days before paddling, you will not see any 303 slick on the water. The notion that 303 pollutes is related to improper use.

and yellows don’t tolerate sunlight very well