Neches-Davey Crockett Paddling Trail

I’m looking for a source of local information on the Neches River, Texas, in the area of the trail. Thanks!

Buy Gina Donovan’s book
The Neches River User Guide:,5196.aspx

I don’t think you can do any better than this. It is the most comprehensive guide I have found for paddling the Neches. It contains detailed maps with GPS coordinates, put-ins and take-outs, etc. It is divided into easy half-day and full-day segments.

Sounds Great
Thanks, that looks like a great resource. I’ll try to locate it here or get it online.

It would also be good to have some contacts with local paddlers, outfitters, etc. I’ve paddled Big Slough several times over the years and have been on the Neches upstream for the Neches Wilderness Race, but I’ve never been on this particular stretch of the Neches. The upper part just below Lake Palestine can be a bear with the log jams.

They don’t get much more local

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...than the Donovans. Gina's dad, Richard Donovan, wrote an account of his trip down almost the entire length of the river titled "Paddling the Wild Neches":,327.aspx

His is more a narrative of his trip mixed in with some history of the area, as opposed to his daughter's practical guide. Both Richard and Gina are actively trying to get the U.S. government to designate the Neches an officially protected "wild and scenic river". That is no easy task given the political climate in Texas.

I have read both books and enjoyed them very much.

The Earlier Book…
is a classic. A friend gave me a copy of that when it first came out back in '06 or so. I’ve been a member of the Texas Conservation Alliance in the past and ought to see about getting involved with them again.


"Paddling the Wild Neches"
We have that book ourselves, given to us by a very special “Texas Lady!” I’d like to see more of it myself!