Neches Wilderness Race

Neches Wilderness Race

August 2, 2014 in Frankston, Tx

Launch: 8:00

There are only 16 days left to register online for the Neches Wilderness Race and 22 days until the race. If you are intrested in participating please register as soon as possible.

The Neches River Runners will be renting Canoes for $35 and Aquaworld USA from Gun Barrel City, Tx will be renting kayaks both solo ($35) and tandem ($40). If you want to reserve a kayak in advance please contact Aquaworld USA @ 903-802-6919.

If you have any questions regarding the race please contact the Neches River Runner.


Facebook: Neches River Runners

Why August in TEXAS?
I have always been a little interested in this race but when I think of August in the deep piney woods of SE Texas,… I just gotta shake my head and admit to a weak will. I mean seriously why couldn’t they do it in April or October for crying out loud! Much better weather and probably better flows to boot. I grew up in Dallas so I am familiar with Texas weather so I guess it just goes along with the Texas Tough mentality. Don’t Mess with Texas!

Why August? Because
it is a lot cooler than September :slight_smile:

Mark - Native South Texan

The race is not too bad even in August. Most of the race course is in the shade. If the water level is too low the Neches River Authority helps us out by raising the water level. The club members cut out and make the river more nagivable for both canoes and kayaks. The race was started by college students as a fundraiser for TVCC scholarships. If you have any questions please contact: