Neck seal neo to lated

Hey everyone. Has anyone successfully replaced a neoprene neck seal with a latex neck seal? Seems to be little info out there regarding this. Any help much appreciated.

Not sure if neo will stick on top of latex. Test a piece. Call the manufacturer and ask them.

I think the OP is wanting to “replace” a neo neck w/ a latex gasket, not combine them.

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I want to replace the neoprene with latex.

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Should work, but not often done. I have converted one suit the other direction (latex to neo) already, and sooner or later will concert another.

Thanks. Someone told me to remove all the old glue and material with heat gun and stixk the new latex gasget to the base material , as the base material can take either neoprene or latex? Would this be correct? I have never done this type of job…

That would be the safest route, if the neo was glued on.

That said, I’ve never done. You can glue on top of latex, so when I am replacing latex with latex, or the one time I replaced latex with neoprene, I just glued right on top of the old latex where it was glued to the suit.

I am not sure you can glue latex to neoprene, so the reverse may not work.

I just looked at a Kokatat paddling suit (neo neck) that I have, and the neoprene was sewn on and material placed over to seal the threads. If the neoprene that you are removing is the same, you might have to change your process and glue it.

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Yes that might be the challenge . It looks like it’s deeply embedded into the dry suit material. Gluing latex to neo apparently is a no go.

I doubt you can put latex on neoprene.

By the time you heat the glue you’ll ruin the material. Call kokatat and ask them. Chance is super slim to none.