Neck seal replacement

Well it finally happened… my neck seal on my Palm Stikine drysuit split. Not complaining, it’s 5 years old with lots of miles on it. But it figures it would happen just as the season when I really needs it arrives. Any recommendations on where to get it repaired. Looking for quality work and decent turnaround time. Thanks in advance for any advice!

I’ve always done my own repairs. Not too hard, really. But i’ve heard good things about Amigos.

Bellows on Neck Seal for comfort
Might want to consider increased comfort for neck

Dive Shop
You didn’t say where you’re from. Many dive shops do neck seals since divers use drysuits too.

Click on the name/ikon. You will see that I’m from central NY.

Great service, fast turnaround. Sent mine regular US mail. Had it back at my house in a week and a half. I would highly recommend them

Learn to do it yourself. It’s really not that hard. Pretty similar to patching a bike tire.