Necky 13 and Paddler Size

Hey guys… I just started kayaking this summer with a buddy of mine and we’re hooked! Can’t get enough time on the water and I’m looking for my own boat. I’ve talked with other paddlers and dealers and I think I’ve narrowed it down to 2 or 3 boats. One of them however, is a Necky Manitou 13. I loved reading all the great feedback in the user reviews section, but I can’t find anyplace that specifies a weight capacity number like just about all other manufacturers. I am about 5’11" and weigh 240 lbs. Many other manufact. list similar capacities at 275 to 300lbs. Would that be about right for this boat also? If you’re similar in stature and have this boat or tested it, I’d love to hear your comments! FYI, my other options are a Dagger 12.8 and a Carolina 12. Who’d have thought picking a boat could be so tough?

thanks for your replies in advance!

Necky does not advertise a weight capacity I’m sure the Manitou 13 can handle your weight plus a bit of gear easily. I’d imagine its capacity is close to 275 or 300 lbs. As you’ve seen in all the reviews the 13 is a very well regarded boat, especially as a first kayak for your intended purposes. Have you had an opportunity to demo paddle one? I see in your profile you live in SE PA, I grew up there, and now live in South NJ. There are two great places in the Pine Barrens that you demo kayaks that have huge selections: Jersey Paddler in Brick, NJ and Belhaven Canoe in Green Bank, NJ. Both have great selections, knowledgeable staff. Myself and my friend both purchased our boats at Jersey Paddler. JP has some boats on clearance right now, including demo and used boats. My best friend who I paddle with still lives in SE PA, let me know if you ever want some company paddling, the more the merrier!

Oh yeah - I have to suggest you look at the Wilderness Tsunami line, for you a 125 would be good. I looked at all the boats you are considering, and wound up with the Tsunami 120 and love it!

Good luck in your hunt for the right first kayak - it took me 6 months of searching, 2 rounds of demo at Jersey Paddler, and a demo days event at Belhaven before I was able to make my decision.

No problem
If you fit comfortably the boat will be awesome. It is an awesome little boat.

I have a Manitou 13. I’m 5’11". It worked well when I was 221 lbs. It works better now that I’m 180 and so do I.