Necky advanced composite kayaks

-- Last Updated: Aug-06-05 10:13 AM EST --

Anyone have experience with any of the Necky Advanced Composite kayaks? We have a Nootka + tandem on order in the AC Carbon. Placed deposit 4/20/05. They keep pushing off the delivery date & it now looks like late September! Wondering if it's worth the wait, or do we get something else (like the Seaward Passat G3). I'd like to hear from anyone that has any of their AC (especially carbon) kayaks & what you think of it. Thanks.

I have a Necky
Thasis in AC carbon fiber. I have only had it a short time but it is very light and very stiff. Don’t know how it will hold up over the long haul but so far so good.

That seems far to long to wait for a new sea kayak. I know that a LOT of dealers are having this same problem with Necky. They are having problems getting their composites out and there have been some coming out with air voids in the hull causing small pin holes. Heards about this twice in just the last couple weeks. Good enough designs, they have some nice kayaks for sure. But the wait is too long. The Passat is an awesome tandem and Seaward has faster turn around time by far. Contact Lou at Seaward if you do not have a Seaward dealer in your area.

Cheers…Joe O’

if you want exactly that model it’s worth it if you don’t mind waiting,and deal with mixed signals from Necky along the way. The AC layup is good and I’m assuming they’ve addressed the chipped gel-coat issue I have with a Chatham18… I think they’ve got some managment/production issues that are leaving dealerships and customers a bit confused. If the experience is pissing you off there’s more than one manufacturer with a double sitting in inventory or more reliable production schedule.