Necky Amaruk versus Current Design Unity

I have a Poly Necky Amaruk and was looking to buy a Current Design Unity which appears to be about the same as a Seaward Passat. I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to compare them as far as speed. The Necky is great but I am guessing the other would be faster. I just don’t know how much. Thanks for any help.


I don’t know but
I feel like CD hired toyota’s guy in charge of product names, and should fire him.

How much does everyone weigh?
Unity is a funny boat, unless you want a fast flatter water kayak. The cockpits are spaced too far apart IMO for waves. If the two paddlers are under 200lbs each you might consider a Double Vision.

If you’re anywhere near Wilmington, NC
If you’re in the area, we can give it a go. I have a CD Unity.