Necky Arluk III outfitting


I have happened upon a Necky Arluk III that I picked up this weekend. I was intending on getting a SOT kayak, but for 300 bucks, which included a truck rack, etc. I couldn’t pass up the chance.

So now to my question, the exsisting seat is a block of foam… that’s it, a block of foam?!? So where might one go to outfit a sit inside kayak with a decent seat? Every seat I have seen is geared to SOT kayaks. Maybe I just have no clue where or how to look for the right seat?

Any help, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

Your info sheet lists you in Eastern NC. This is my area as well.Great Outdoors Provision Company in Greenville maybe able to help.I have ordered seats and parts through them before. They are a Necky dealer. They may be able to order through Necky.There is also a GOPC in Wilmington as well.

Or you could try something like this. It may be cheaper than a factory seat.

Give it a try
Sometimes a foam seat is much more comfy than the stock seat was. It was true with my Valley Anas Acuta - foam seat was far superior. And some boats come from the factory with foam seats.

Kayak seat
I had an Arluk IIi and that slanted foam slab was it.

Heres a nice one, unfortunately a third of what you paind for your boat.

Many people make their own by carving closed cell foam. Most Kayak manufacturers will sell you one but they’re no cheap.

another one

Does it have a backband?
If it does, agree with others that you should give the foam seat a try. If not, add a backband and give the foam seat a try. It may be due for replacement due to age, but with the minicell foam in good shape they are nice seats.

You may also find that the foam seat was put in so that the center of gravity would be lower, to increase the stability in that boat. I don’t recall which one it was, but one of the Arluks had a reputation for slipping out of the upright position fairly willingly. I never got together with him to try the boat myself (not for lack of trying), but an acquaintance has one.

Thanks for the replies. There is/ was no back band, and the slanted foam block is all that exsist. I don’t mind spending a little cash on the old girl to get her operational. I may need to take a trip to the great outdoor provisions store and see what all they have. Thank you for your help

Change the seat!!
I was the proud owner of an Arluk III and get Necky to ship me one of the new adjustable seats. I never regretted it for one minute. It was easy to do yourself with minimal effort.

get a new Necky seat
it’s made out of gray foam and should cost around $50, er $75

or the Redfish seat Jay recommended

or get your own block of foam and start carving.

Congrats on your new boat
I have owned the A-II and A-III and consider them some of the best big-water kayak designs ever made - an opinion shared by some other experienced paddlers I know. Some of my best big-water memories stem from my days in those remarkable boats.

But those slab seats - they were some of the most uncomfortable I’ve ever experienced.

So whatever you do, I’m sure it’ll be a huge improvement, because the A-III should have a seat that’s up to the rest of the boat, not far below it.